Let’s Talk club to end for the year


Selin Oh, founder, student leader of The Let’s Talk club and senior, poses for a photo. The Let’s Talk Club brought up many difficult issues during their meetings this year.

By Karolena Zhou

The Let’s Talk club has come to an end for the year. There won’t be any more gatherings. However, according to Selin Oh, founder, student leader of the Let’s Talk club and senior, there might be an end-of-the-year party, but the date is uncertain for now.

She said, “We might have a final party. Right now, I’m asking some underclassmen if they want to continue the club.”

So far, the club has not decided who the president and officers will be next year. Oh is still asking the underclassmen in the club if they want to be officer. Let’s Talk is a great club to join for next year.

“It is a great idea. The idea of students learning how to engage one another in conversation is a great skill.” Terri Ramos, sponsor of the Let’s Talk club, said about the club.  By Karolena Zhou