It’s A Break: Summer vacation should primarily be used for relaxing, spending time with friends, family

Its A Break: Summer vacation should primarily be used  for relaxing, spending time with friends, family

Marvin Fan

With all the tests and projects that I’ve been through this year, I can definitely say I’m looking forward to using the summer to just relax and spend time with family. Summer break is only a week away and students are making their vacation plans. We’ve just finished all the stressful finals and AP exams, so students should take time to relax after this exhausting month.

As the longest break of the year, summer should be used to go on trips with family and friends. My family usually takes some trip over the summer to visit extended family that lasts nearly a month, which other breaks do not have enough time to cover the entirety of. The summer weather is also something I enjoy taking advantage of. Outdoor activities such as biking or fishing just aren’t very feasible or as enjoyable in other breaks throughout the year.

While some students believe high school should be used to prepare for life after high school with academic camps and internships, I disagree. High school could really be the last time when many people get to spend a lot of time with their families and friends before going off to college because college students’ summers include classes to catch up or seasonal jobs for additional funds. The aspect of relaxing during summer is not as available to college students as it is to high school students, especially if the college is out of state and far away from family. Students may not have the luxury to go home over the summer if they already visit during the holiday season with Christmas and Thanksgiving. So students should be taking advantage of the break that they get in high school in this regard and refrain from large-scale commitments to something else.

While it is good to relax during the summer, the break is a long time that can end up getting boring for some people. With no goals or accomplishments over the summer, some students may feel unfulfilled at the end of the two months. I agree that some time can be dedicated to getting a job or taking a class, but because summer vacation during high school is a limited gift, people should primarily devote it to unwind  and spend time with friends and family.

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