Men’s tennis team wins Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference tournament


Members of the men’s varsity tennis team practice before the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference tournament on Sept. 21. The team won by 12 points over North Central in the finals. _______________________________________________ Submitbeat mailing list [email protected] Attachments area

Aniket Biswal

The men’s varsity tennis team played at the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference (MIC) tournament on Sept. 21. They were able to rank first as they beat North Central by 12 points. The MIC tournament is similar to the Shirley Invitational that happened in early September because they both comprise of 3 singles and 2 doubles pars.

Men’s varsity tennis head coach Bryan Hanan said, “I am really pleased with our performance on Saturday. We played much more aggressively with less errors and more winners.”

According to Hanan, each player on the team played two matches on Saturday and all of them were able to reach the finals in their respective division.

Presley Thieneman, one singles player and senior, said, “[CHS] was able to win at one singles and one and two doubles against North Central but we lost at two and three singles as well as three doubles to [North Central].”

According to Thienman, North Central was CHS’s biggest opponent in the MIC tournament.

Hanan and Thieneman both said that they have high hopes for the upcoming Sectionals and State competitions but are preparing for their game against Homestead, another big rival, on Sept. 27. By Aniket Biswal