Carmel UNICEF officer applications due Feb. 18, interviews start on Feb. 25


Viha Bynagari (left) and Riya Chinni (right), UNICEF co-presidents and seniors, pose for a picture right before the Charity Ball on Feb. 14. Bynagari said the club was able to raise over $1000 to donate to UNICEF USA as a result of the Charity Ball. [submitted photo from Carmel UNICEF]

Grace Xu

Carmel UNICEF’s officer applications are due Feb. 18, and the current leadership will be conducting interviews with the candidates throughout upcoming weeks starting on Feb. 25. Elections for next year’s officer positions start in early March.

“Our officer applications are due on the 18th, and then we’ll have elections in the upcoming weeks so that we can choose completely new leadership for the next year,” Viha Bynagari, club co-president and senior, said.

Club sponsor Jill Noel said club members are looking forward to the UNICEF USA Annual UNITE Summit, which takes place from March 21-23.

“Two of those days will be student summit days where students will get to participate in workshops, talk to some other students at the summit about their clubs, and hear some really great speakers,” Noel said. “The last day of the summit will be an advocacy day where students actually get to go on Capitol Hill and get to talk to congressmen and people about UNICEF-sponsored bills.”

Bynagari added that the club has been successful in its recent fundraising efforts, particularly with the Charity Ball, an event unique to Carmel UNICEF.

“We’ve been pretty successful as a club, and as you know, Charity Ball is occurring. We currently have over $750 (as of Feb. 13) that we’re donating directly to UNICEF USA for water and sanitation, so we’re really happy about that and really proud of ourselves,” Bynagari said. She later added that by the end of the Charity Ball, Carmel UNICEF actually raised over $1000 to donate to UNICEF USA.

Bynagari also said the club is currently planning several new initiatives for the upcoming months, including a potential water walk and an international food banquet.