Despite abrupt end to show choir season, seniors remain positive about their last year

Tessa Collinson

Mere days before Carmel Clay Schools announced all schools closing, members of Carmel Choirs were riding the high of a successful competition in the Chicago area. The choirs who competed each came away with a trophy, referred to as an “all-kill.” Trevor Johnson, New Edition member and senior, said he is pleased with the outcome of the competition season.

I think all the choirs did a fantastic job at our competitions this year,” he said via email. “I was a little nervous about New Edition, just because of all the people who were in the choir for the first time, but everyone did amazing and our show turned out super well.”

Meanwhile, Evelyn Harrison, Accents member and senior, said she treasured the experience more than the outcome of the competitions.

“I don’t really care because win or lose we made the memories that count,” she said via text. “In the end I’m not going to remember a trophy, I’m going to remember the time I got to spend with my friends.”

Both said they were looking forward to the rest of their last choir season at CHS. However, with the outbreak of COVID-19, those events have been cancelled.

“I am genuinely heartbroken,” Harrison said via text. “I didn’t get to say goodbye and there was so much I was supposed to get to do. (Going to) California, Evening of Show Choir, Ear Candy, everything was taken away so suddenly. I feel like I just got broken up with by Carmel Choirs.”

Johnson said he agrees with this sentiment and wishes he could experience his last year in Carmel Choirs.

“I wish we could have gone and competed one more time, because we were working really hard on the show to fine tune everything,” he said. “I’m also upset I don’t get to spend as much time learning music, dancing, and hanging out with friends.”

However, both encourage seniors to reflect positively on this year. Harrison suggested to “look at the things you got to experience versus the ones you didn’t get to.” Johnson said he still appreciates everything he could participate in this year.

“I’m obviously pretty upset about the abrupt end to the choir competition season, but I’m still grateful that we got to compete at least once,” he said. “As far as it being my last year in choir, even if we don’t get another chance to perform, that still doesn’t take away all the friends I made this year.”