French III students explore, do activities related to annual Tour de France


Submitted Photo: Anabelle Yang

Sophomore Brooke Yi explores the front page of the Tour de France website during her French III class on Sept. 10. French 3 students have started to learn about the different cultures and backgrounds of the Tour de France event. “I’ve really been looking for this lesson, and it is really interesting to learn about (its) background,” Yi said.

Michelle Wan

French III students have chosen a student as a “rider” to follow the annual Tour de France bicycle race from its beginning on August 29 until its end on September 20. It is Anabelle Yang’s first year experiencing this event.

“I heard about this event when I was still in French II, and I was super excited to be in French III in my sophomore year at CHS. Although I am not in France physically attending this event, I am excited to learn about the culture of the Tour de France.” she said

Brooke Yi, another French III student, is also excited to learn about the Tour de France for the first time.

“This is such a huge event and I could not wait when we started. Right now in class, we are touring the the official page that covers the race, and learning about the backgrounds of this culture in France.” she said

Andrea Yocum, the chairperson of the World Language department, as well as an AP French teacher, said she agrees with the idea of a lesson based on the Tour de France  “I think this lesson is one of the unique ones. Almost every student enjoys this unit, and I enjoy teaching them. This lesson goes in depth and explores the culture of France and compares and contrasts the different holidays from America versus France.”