Team Continues to Train, Prepare for Tournament Season


Caption: Riley Pennington, varsity basketball player and senior, plays in a game against Homestead High School. Pennington said there were only three games remaining in the season. (Submitted Photo: Riley Pennington)

Sarah Kim

The varsity women’s basketball season has continued to train despite the changes due to COVID-19. Head Coach Erin Trimpe described the goals for this season.

“The number one goal is for us to just improve every game. We have some good experience coming back with some older girls but also a lot that we need to improve on from last season to this season,” Trimpe said.

Riley Pennington, varsity basketball player and senior, explained there were only three games left before the team transitioned to the tournament season.

Pennington said that she does not expect any major changes to the tournament season.

“The tournament should look pretty normal for the players and coaches,” Pennington said. “Due to COVID-19, I think fans might be limited to only family, but it will depend on the hosting school.”

The team will play against Pike High School on Jan. 22. By Sarah Kim.