CHS students predict their Super Bowl winners, share plans for game day


Luke Miller

Sophomore Gavin Owens celebrates during a playoff football game before the Super Bowl. The game Owens watched was between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New Orlean Saints, in which the Buccaneers won and will play in the Super Bowl on Feb. 7th.

Andrew Caito

Sophomore Braden Thomson –

“I think the Chiefs are going to win. Tyreek [Hill] and Patrick Mahomes are too good to be stopped in the end, especially after what they did to the Bucs in the first game they played.”

“I think I am just going to watch the game with my family this year. Usually though I would get with my friends and we would order pizza and watch the game.”


Junior Aniyah Sea – 

“I think the Chiefs are going to win because I really just don’t like Tom Brady.”

“If (COVID-19) was not a thing I would usually probably just be watching the game with my friends having a good time.” 


Senior Dalton Grubbs – 

“I say the Tampa Bay buccaneers only because of the amount of experience that is on that team. With Brady still going strong and with everyone healthy, they will be hard to beat at this stage.”

“At this point I am not sure what my plans are for the game, but if there was no (COVID-19) I would probably watch the game with a bunch of my friends.”

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