Q&A with portrait photographer, senior Grace Barney

Calina He and Maddie Kosc

How did you get involved in photography?

BEHIND THE SCENES: Senior Grace Barney takes portraits of her friends. Barney said she started photography as a hobby but later turned it into a business. (Calina He)

I don’t really know how I initially got started because I got my first camera when I was 10 years old so I’ve always liked taking pictures of friends and everything. But it wasn’t until one of my friends actually reached out to take senior pictures that I actually started getting interested in the business side of it.

How would you characterize your photo style?

I like shooting backlit, all-natural light, I like shooting outdoors, and I have a really warm and light editing style.

What is your photoshoot process?

I choose a location first usually and then the outfit is kind of chosen around that. So it just depends on the model’s style and what they like best, whether that’s nature or industrial. I usually shoot about two hours or so before sunset or after sunrise and it usually takes around an hour and a half. I pick all the pictures I like, narrow it down to about a hundred, and then edit with Lightroom.

READY TO EXPORT: Seniors Gretchen and Anna Moore pose for a shot. Barney took this photo and edited it with Lightroom. (Submitted Photo: Grace Barney)

What is your favorite part of taking portraits for others?

My favorite part of taking portraits is getting to know every subject and every model and just kind of talking to them throughout the whole photoshoot process. I also like the creative side of it and just getting to pick how the lighting looks and how the composition of the picture looks and then creating a final picture.

Has your view of photography changed since you turned it into a business?

It definitely has changed. It’s actually a little bit more stressful because you’re trying to please someone else rather than just taking pictures for yourself. Also, I think that I’ve improved throughout it so that’s also a change that has happened.

Check out Barney’s photography portfolio here.