TechHOUNDS trains students in preparation for build season

        TechHounds had their second meeting on Sept. 23 and will now consistently meet every Thursday. Their main goal for these upcoming months is to familiarize the new students by teaching them how to use the equipment in preparation for build season, which is in the second semester. Build season is when everyone puts together the final robot to take part in the competitions. According to TechHOUNDS Marketing Lead Allison Pasheilich, TechHOUNDS is in its pre-season, which runs until the end of the semester.

        “Our goal really is to get everyone trained and ready to use all the tools, and know what’s going to be expected of them in build season, which is in the second semester,” she said.

        Dave Fronek, TechHOUNDS head coach, said the majority of the club is run by students with a desire to learn more about the technology and the science behind building a robot.

        “We’re really trying to expand their skill set so they can get different experiences and get some true training to get exposed to what they truly want to do,” he said. By Ashley Hoffman