Q&A with freshman Eleanor Demoe on passion for roller derby, involvement in the Indianapolis Junior Roller Derby


Luke Miller

ROLLING AROUND: Freshman Eleanor DeMoe skates with the Indianapolis Junior Roller Derby. Demoe said roller derby is a fun and challenging sport that keeps her motivated in life.

Michelle Wan

When did you start doing roller derby?

I started doing roller derby when I was 8 (years old). I was watching a movie with my mom and got super interested in the idea of it. I asked my mom if it was a real sport and when she said yes, I asked if we could go see (a) game. After that, I was hooked.

What made you pursue roller derbying?

It seemed like a cool sport and was full of strong individuals. It was a group of people that I related to. We all like the same music, clothing and we can all take a hit so it’s fun. My coaches were a big part of it, too. It just seemed like the coaches were a lot of fun. You can talk (casually) to the coaches and they will spit it right back at you; it’s really fun.

What have you learned from roller derby?

(I’ve learned) how to work with a team and how to keep going even when it’s hard. Practices are fun and challenging, and it makes me feel excited and satisfied. After practice, I’m always tired but in a better mood.

Can you see yourself pursuing roller derby as a career in the future?

Participating in roller derby has helped build my confidence and developed my character in a very positive way. I would love to do roller derby for as long as I can. I enjoy it as sport but I have other goals for a career.

What is the purpose of the Indianapolis Junior Roller Derby?

IJRD is a non-profit organization that is run by parents and roller derby professionals. It was formed so that kids under 18 could also participate in roller derby. We have practice every Monday and Wednesday, and our bouts (games) are on Saturdays. We travel all over the country to competitions.

What is your favorite part about roller derby?

I love how challenging it is, and it gives me strength physically and mentally. Plus, the outfits and the makeup for bouts (games) is fun. It (roller derby) has helped build my confidence and developed my character in a very positive way.