Q&A with Junior Peyton “Pey” Henney on sharing fitness journey through social media


Luke Miller

Junior Peyton Henney mixes protein powder into her water bottle post-workout in her kitchen. According to Henney, “My favorite ‘cheat’ snack is anything chocolate and my favorite healthy snack is frozen strawberries with vanilla Greek yogurt.”

Luke Miller

How did you get into fitness?

After dealing with some health struggles, one of my friends introduced me to the fitness community and what weight lifting was. After that I completely fell in love and haven’t looked back.

Do you have a home gym or do you go to one?

I work out at home gym. The perks of a home gym is the fact that I can work out anytime I want. It can be 5 in the morning or 11 at night and even if it’s just for 20 minutes I can get it in.

Why did you decide to start sharing your fitness journey through social media?

I decided to share my fitness journey through social media because I wanted to help inspire and educate others about all things surrounding health and fitness. My goal has been and will always be to reach others and educate them on health and fitness. I also want to help remind people that it’s not a “one size fits all.”

What is your motivation behind staying fit and working out?

My motivation comes and goes but it’s mainly my dedication that keeps me going. Making a plan and time to work out is truly what helps me stay on track. If you don’t make time for a workout then how can you expect (yourself) to do it?

What message are you trying to spread with your fitness account?

My message behind my account is to educate others about health and fitness and how it is okay to take up more space in this world. The media often tells us that we need to be small to meet beauty standards but that’s just not true. Strong is beautiful too.

Do you see yourself following a career path in fitness?

Yes, I will most likely do something in the health and fitness field. I want to go to school to get my nursing degree but I don’t
know exactly what I’ll do with that degree. I could easily see myself coaching other girls by giving them workouts and nutrition advice.

Do you have any tips for someone who is wanting to workout?

My best tip for someone is make a plan. Motivation comes and goes but if you’re dedicated and plan to prevent yourself from getting off-track you will go far places.

To check out Henney’s Instagram account, click here.