In honor of popular girl group TLC’s reunion shows starting Feb. 17, read about career statistics, modern girl groups

Maddie Misterka

Q&A with Hilary Ma, Sophomore and girl band lover

Do you see a different appeal to boy bands and girl groups?

In singing, (different groups) have different tones and vocal ranges, but

also (their) dancing styles differ a lot- boy groups are heavier, while girl groups tend to have “cuter” styles.

How is the appeal for KPOP different than more popular Western music?

In Western music, I think the focus is a lot more centered around the music itself, and based on beauty standards the US is a lot easier. In Korea, it’s (mainly) the company that cares- who they debut, their songs and their music.

Is there anything you’d like to add for readers to know?

I think KPOP is wonderful in the sense that it’s different (than Western music), and while it’s more acceptable to be a fan of
Harry Styles, for example, I’m happy KPOP groups are getting more public eye and less stuck in a bubble’ in the industry.