WHJE establishes routines for new school year, staff members adjust to new roles

Tsion Daniel

With the new school year underway, the WHJE staff is working to establish routines early on to produce quality content for listeners.

For example, Allison “Allie” Wolf, live shows manager and senior, said one of her responsibilities was to organize the live shows broadcasting schedule.

“New people who are doing new shows have to submit a pitch (which includes) who they’re doing their show with and what their show is going to be about. And then everyone has to submit what time they want their show to be. And something new that we did this year is they had to do a mock show (which) was like a 15-minute demo of what they’re doing,” Wolf said. “So we listened to all those, gave people feedback, approved them and made the schedule. It’s been very busy in the live show department. But now we’re to the point where almost everyone is scheduled and has started their shows so things are calming down a little bit and we’ve had some good work so far.”

WHJE radio advisor Dominic James said although this process can be time consuming, it is imperative in ensuring that activities run smoothly for the rest of the year. Additionally, James said establishing routines can be beneficial for staff members in leadership positions.

“We’ve got a brand new set of managers who have all proven themselves to be very capable as broadcasters and also sensible people as well. So part of what’s important at the beginning of the year is to get them established as a team and to understand what their new roles are, because, of course, being good at something does not necessarily make you a good leader,” James said. “So I think that it’s a learning process for people actually being in charge and responsible and actually sometimes having to say no to their friends. And that’s a very difficult thing to do. So I think that’s one of the great things about these kinds of programs where seniors are given that opportunity to grow in a slightly different way.”

Live shows manager and senior Allison “Allie” Wolf works on a broadcast during class. Wolf said she encourages people to listen to WHJE at 91.3 and on whje.com.