Carmel High School to innovate education system, catch when students are falling behind


Superintendent Michael Beresford works in his office located inside the Carmel Clay Schools Education Services Center. Beresford said he is excited to incorporate more technology into this school district’s education system. He said, “Every generation the world is a little bit different, so we have to adjust to whatever the setting is.”

Raghav Sriram

According to Superintendent Michael Beresford, the Carmel Clay School District is brainstorming innovative ways to use student data.

“We have all kinds of stuff like attendance data, disciplinary infractions, grades and testing—a lot of different pieces. I’ve been really interested in developing a tool so that if you set up (some) criteria, and (if) a student isn’t where they ought to be, we get a notification. That way we can intervene more quickly and see what’s going on and figure out what (a student) need’s to be successful,” Beresford said.

According to Beresford, interventions to help students are already in place

“We have good interventions in place, (so) it’s the speed of it that’s important. And I think the quicker we can get to where we can help someone who’s getting behind, the quicker it will be for them to catch up,” he said.

Senior Yahya Rehman said, “I think that this is a great idea and I would really like to see it put in place. I think that it could help a lot of students.”

“It’s definitely a long-term project,” Beresford said. “We got some real smart people working on it here from technology and curriculum and student services. And I think (when) all those things piece together, maybe we (can) start rolling out some pilots and check how accurate they would be.

“That’s the important thing is you got to always be willing whenever you’re struggling about anything to be able to speak up and know that helps available.”