Men’s wrestling team adjusting to changes, competes in Sectionals Jan. 28


Eddie Sun

The men’s wrestling team will compete against Hamilton Southeastern on Jan. 18. The team is preparing for Sectionals on Jan. 28. 

Cole Abbot, men’s wrestler and sophomore, said he has high expectations of what the team can accomplish this season.

“I think the team can do very good this year,” Abbot said. “We have one of the best rosters we’ve had in a long time, and I think we could beat a lot of schools this year.

Abbot said he is constantly perfecting his craft, trying to better himself everyday for the season.

“I’ve been in the wrestling room all year around working and training to prepare for this season and I plan to win against any opponent that I face,” Ryan said. “I prepared for this season by going to a wrestling club every Tuesday and Thursday, along with working out at the gym to stay in shape.”

Head Coach Ed Pendoski said the team has improved massively and he wants the team to continue learning and growing as the season progresses.

“Our expectations are the same as every year before us and that is to be able to compete the best we possibly can in the postseason. Our program has improved so much over the years and this may be the most experienced team we’ve had in the past 10 years,” Pendoski said.

“We also are making it a focus to improve our top end and score more points on the individual state tourney in Feb.  Carmel has been a top 5 dual team in the state for the past 7 seasons.  We are trying to make sure that our top end guys are in a position to place higher in the state tourney series.”