TechHOUNDS placed first in Boilermaker Regional


Last weekend TechHOUNDS competed in the Boilermaker Regional and came in first place by only one point.

Sarah Fields, TechHOUNDS member and junior, said, “It came down to the last second, but we won by one point.”

First place winners of the Boilermaker Regional received a gold medal and the top 8 places qualifed for the finals that will take place in Atlanta on April 14 to 17. All of these rankings are taken from a total of 40 teams.

TechHOUNDS also earned the Xerox Creativity Award for their innovative and effective robot design.

Alex Ryker, leader of programming and electronics and junior, said, “This year we implemented the use of an Xbox 360 controller to make the robot move.” By Ben Lu <[email protected]>