Carmel Clay Schools turns attention towards building Greyhound Activity Center


Superintendent Michael Beresford works in his office located inside the Carmel Clay Schools Education Services Center. Beresford said that he is really excited to start constructing the Greyhound Activity Center. “I think (the Greyhound Activity Center) is something that will be really nice for students. I think probably thousands of kids will get to utilize that all year long.”

Raghav Sriram

According to Superintendent Michael Beresford, the Carmel Clay School District is currently receiving bids on the construction of the Greyhound Activity Center.

“We do bids for different parts of the construction permit, we did the bid for the steel already. And so the bids came in, you know, higher than we expected,” Beresford said. “But, this is a four-year high for inflation, so (it) kind of makes sense. But, anyhow, we got seven bids done at the board meeting on that with the board accepted on Monday. Construction is gonna get started on that, so that will be exciting.

Beresford said the Greyhound Activity Center will be at the north end of the football stadium.

“It’s going to be like the fieldhouse, basically the size of a football field,” Beresford said. “So, (the) marching band will be able to practice there, sports can practice there, or if you want to have a dance, you know, or some kind of social thing there, you can have it. It’s gonna be multi-use for a lot of people.”

Eamon Mukhopadhyay, marching band member and senior, said that he thinks the Greyhound Activity Center will be a great addition to our school’s facilities.

“Right now, almost all marching band practices happen outside. And during the summer, these practices are really brutal,” he said. “Our practices are multiple hours, so it’ll be really nice for future marching band kids to have a space that’s indoors that they can practice in.”

Beresford said the center will likely start construction over the summer.

“Once we get the bids done, the work will start probably this summer, so (it will) probably (take) about a year (to build). So, unfortunately, seniors aren’t going to get to enjoy it, but the underclassmen should be pretty stoked about it,” Beresford said. “The (Greyhound Activity Center) is called a pre-engineered building. So in other words, all the parts come in pieces, and then they put it out, and then they put it all together. It’s not as complicated as the expansion of the fine arts.”