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Athlete Spotlight: Tori Tomalia named Athlete of the Month

Anuj Gupta
Tori Tomalia competes on home field. Tomalia said she is excited to continue to play in college.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced this year? 

Our biggest challenge is definitely coming (out) of losing state and having that to try to win it again. And we’re kind of struggling to find our trust with our teammates and our chemistry because our morals were kind of down after losing. So being able to push through and have a good mental state.


How has lacrosse impacted you?

Lacrosse has impacted me in all aspects of my life. For me, it’s a very good escape where I can think about nothing but the game, and it’s just been a really good way for me to get away from anything bad going on in my life. 


How did you decide where to commit for lacrosse?

For me, I always wanted to go live on the East Coast, so I mainly looked at East Coast schools, and I kind of fell in love with the state of Connecticut when I went to go and visit my junior year, and I knew that that was the place for me. 


How will college lacrosse be different from high school lacrosse?

College lacrosse will definitely be a lot more physical, and the competition will definitely be a lot better than it is in Indiana. It’s going to be a very big adjustment playing with girls who are older than me and me not being on the leader aspect on the team. So that’ll be a good adjustment.


How do you train for lacrosse?

Shoot every single day when we’re not in season, and I run and switch off doing cardio and lifting days, and then I always make sure I’m doing wall ball and shooting and speed and agility to work on my footwork. 


How has being named girls lacrosse player of the week impacted your season?

I think that it was really exciting for us to get our, like, high school’s name in the magazine and kind of, like, getting it out there. And I feel like from that and then from having a couple of our players make, like, the honorable mention, it’s given us, like, a little more attention for Carmel lacrosse and a little more appreciation for what we’ve been doing this season. 


What are your goals this season? 

Obviously to win state, and then we have a big senior class so delivering of those underclassmen with a good momentum for the next few years to come and a lot of confidence, kind of passing down leadership skills to all of them.

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