Athletes and Precedents: Fans, media often put too much pressure on athletes, should recognize athletes can make mistakes

January 24, 2019

As an avid fan of professional sports, I have always observed how the media, or even the public as a whole, scrutinizes athletes when they make a certain wrongdoing. Today, professional athletes are met with extreme pressure and are essentially put under a lense by fans and media everywhere; these athl...

Unique Ways Athletes Train at CHS

Aniston Eastes, dance teacher and junior

Kelly Truax

February 24, 2018

Aniston Eastes- Eastes is a dancer and junior who, outside of dancing, teaches children different dances and leads them in performing them.   How did you first become interested in becoming a dance teacher? “Well, I started dancing when I was five. I began in recreational dance class at Sho’T...

Climbing the Big Leagues: CHS athletes, staff discuss the process of athlete signing for colleges

Climbing the Big Leagues: CHS athletes, staff discuss the process of athlete signing for colleges

Samuel Shi

December 11, 2017

Becoming a college athlete is by no means an easy task. Indeed, very few of the millions of high school athletes ever make it to the collegiate level. Colleges only accept the very best of the best on their team, especially because many signed athletes are given scholarships to play for their schools. Many...

The Newest Athletes

The Newest Athletes

Pranav Sriram, Front/TOC/JAM Editor

November 17, 2017


Fall sports athletes officially commit on Feb. 2

Fall sports athletes officially commit on Feb. 2


February 6, 2012

On February 2, Carmel High School hosted signing day for the CHS Fall sports athletes. According to Carmel Athletics Director Jim Inskeep, this is the first time that all signees are from state-champion teams. Football, cross country and soccer all won state championships this past season. The following...

Last meeting for winter athletes of Senior Roundtable on Oct. 13

Jim Inskeep (foreground), Club sponsor and Athletics Director, and Bruce Wolf (background), co-sponsor and assistant Athletics Director, give a PowerPoint presentation on leadership skills. Roman “Roma” Sarapin (directly under Wolf), Senior Roundtable member, said the experience opened his eyes to the responsibilities of leadership. TONY TAN / PHOTO


October 12, 2011

The Senior Roundtable is scheduled to hold its final meeting with student athletic leaders from winter sports on Oct. 13, according to Jim Inskeep, club sponsor and Athletics Director. After this meeting, athletes from spring sports will begin to meet in order to prepare for their athletic season. The...

Women may surpass men in athleticism in future


November 6, 2008

By Sarah Sheafer <[email protected]> In the early to mid 20th century, the proposal of women outshining men in any sport was unheard of. However, a new study provides evidence of the possibility of women competing alongside men not only in the Olympic 100m, but also winning the race. Read M...