WHJE looks to continue program through final quarter

Newscaster and sophomore Ben Goldberg uploads tracks to his radio program. Goldberg said he was looking forward to finishing the last quarter on a good note. PHOTO// MATTHEW ZHENG


March 17, 2016

WHJE plans to continue its usual activities as it goes through the second semester. Newscaster and sophomore Ben Goldberg said he is looking forward to finishing strong with the last quarter of school. “As a second year staff member, I am transitioning to the program department, which means I...

WHJE looks to continue program during second semester

WHJE member and sophomore Patrick Simpson chooses songs for the station to play. Simpson said he was looking forward to improving his projects throughout the rest of the semester. PHOTO/ MATTHEW ZHENG


February 3, 2016

WHJE plans to continue its usual activities as it goes through the second semester. Newscaster and sophomore Patrick Simpson said that each department of the station has recently turned in its projects and that things are running smoothly. “We just finished our big project, and are looking to star...

WHJE looks to continue program during second quarter


November 24, 2015

WHJE is planning on continuing its usual activities as the station finishes its projects for the second quarter. According to newscaster and junior Dan Burkhard, the station will be keeping its programs consistent. Burkhard said, “Right now we’re mostly through the way of the second quarter,...

WHJE looks to prepare for radio competition and expand content

WHJE member and junior Zach Miller programs new songs into the radio station's database. Miller said he is focused on providing better-quality content for WHJE as well as the IASB radio competition in March. PHOTO/MATHEW ZHENG


November 10, 2015

WHJE is working on preparing new content for the holiday season as well as the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters (IASB) radio competition in March. WHJE member and junior Zach Miller said he plans to improve the radio station by keeping its projects and songs up-to-date.   Mill...

Media polarizes opinion

Cover Story


October 10, 2014

When Mariam Aziz, Muslim Student Alliance member and senior, pulled up her news feed on Facebook, a picture of a crying girl receiving a certificate from men in black robes caught her eye. The caption read, “Gazan girl accepts her mother’s diploma during a graduation ceremony after Israel murder...

WHJE plans to deejay multiple carnivals for local elementary schools

At Towne Meadow Elementary, some WHJE students deejay for young kids in a gymnasium. At the program, students played songs such as


March 17, 2014

WHJE has multiple carnivals coming up, including one at Towne Meadow Elementary, College Wood Elementary and West Clay Elementary. Each carnival is on a different day this month, generally on a Friday, including March 14, which was the Towne Meadow Elementary carnival, which was from 6 to 9 p.m. “W...

WHJE wins Radio School of the Year for the fourth year in a row

WHJE students work during SRT on radio pieces. The computers have calendars and radio pieces. ABIGAIL STACY / PHOTO


March 16, 2014

On March 10 WHJE said it had the honor to win the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters Radio School of the Year award. “It’s the fourth time that we’ve won it in seven years so it adds to recognize the work that the kids do every year and it’s a really nice honor,” Brian Spilbeler, the...

WHJE plans to host Family Fun Night on Nov. 22


November 20, 2013

WHJE plans to host Family Fun Night on Nov. 22 at West Clay Elementary for the families of students in elementary school. At the event WHJE does not expect much dancing. WHJE member and senior Samuel Pickett said, “The odds are that we will mainly play background music, so that the parents and...

Houndstock no longer to occur

we will rock you: Max Holtman (second from left), member of the band Dead Ringers and junior, stands with his band. Holtman’s band can no longer play at Houndstock since House canceled the event. JENNA RUHAYEL PHOTO


March 22, 2013

Every May, students, faculty and community members alike gather to hear the euphony of electric guitars, drums, keyboards and Greyhound voices ring out for six straight hours during the annual Houndstock event. However, this year the marathon of student bands will be silenced. According to House sponsor...

WHJE to play music at Dance Marathon


January 24, 2012

WHJE will play music at the CHS Dance Marathon, a fundraising event benefitting Riley Children’s Hospital. It will be conducted in the CHS Freshman Cafeteria on Feb. 25. WHJE will play music during a line dance. House cabinet members and senators will learn the dance from the Indiana University Dan...

WHJE to broadcast football sectionals Oct. 21


October 17, 2011

On Oct. 21, WHJE will broadcast the men's football team’s first sectional of the season. Dillon Welch, radio student and senior, and Christian Schinbeckler, radio student and seniors, will provide live play-by-play and color commentary for the game. According to Welch, who has done commentary...

WHJE to cover football game on Friday against Center Grove


August 31, 2009

According to Brian Spilbeler, WHJE station manager and adviser, WHJE will cover the varsity football game against Center Grove this Friday Sept. 4. Spilbeler said WHJE is a student-run high school radio station that has been running since 1963. “On Fridays, we cover the football games home and away,...