Track runners, coach plan to stay in shape over COVID-19 extended school closures

Savannah Hill, track runner and junior, stretches before a run over break. Hill said she would continue to train over the extended school closures although she does not expect the track season to continue this year.

Sarah Kim

March 23, 2020

Both the men’s and women’s track teams have been training for the official track season since early January. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 led all Carmel Clay Schools to close until May 1 at the earliest, bringing all sports teams to a stall. The CHS Athletics Office released that all CHS sp...

Men’s cross-country places at Regionals, looks to win State

Head Coach Colin Altevogt prepares the Semistate roster. Altevogt said he expects the team to place at Semistate and advance to State.

Sarah Kim

October 25, 2019

The men’s cross-country placed second at Regionals, one point behind Brebeuf. Regionals was on Oct. 19 at Noblesville. Due to the team’s continuous successes, expectations for a podium finish at State remain high. Head Coach Colin Altevogt explained that he believes the team has a high chance of...

Men’s cross-country places at Flashrock, looks to win Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference

Daniel Musapatika, cross-country runner and junior, prepares for practice. Musaptika said that the team has continued to improve, and still has high expectations for State.

Sarah Kim

October 7, 2019

The men’s cross-country team placed third out of 17 teams at the Flashrock Invitational. Flashrock was the team’s only home meet, and was held at the Northview course. The team has continued to place well at the past few meets, and still has high expectations for winning State. Daniel Musapatika, ...

Team Wins Sectional, Advances to Regional

Connor Heagy, track runner and freshman, stretches after practice. The tournament roster will continue to train for Regionals on Thursday.

Sarah Kim

May 21, 2019

The men’s track team placed first at Sectional on last Friday. The Sectional meet was originally scheduled to be held on May 16 but was pushed back due to severe weather. The team placed first with a score of 153.5 points and will advance to Regional. Head Coach Colin Altevogt described what...