As January is National Mentoring Month, K-8 mentoring presents benefits for both mentees, mentors

Seniors Brandon Teater, Gabe Quigley, Michael Uhrig and Cassidy Eckstein (left to right) play a board game that they play with their mentees during the K-8 Mentor SRT. Eckstein said the mentor experience has humbled her and opened her eyes to the struggles those around her face.

Hannah Gretz

January 23, 2020

Each year in January since 2002, the Harvard School of Public Health has led a National Mentoring Month. Over the past 18 years, this campaign has developed to promote mentoring, specifically in youth, in the United States. Officially defined as the act of advising or training, the role of the mentor is extr...

GKOM organization changes final Connection Session date to April 27

GKOM and junior Kathryn “Katie” Camp sits on a desk and chats with some of the freshmen in her SRT during a Connection Session. The final GKOM Connection Session is scheduled for April 27. LINDSEY WALKER/PHOTO


April 22, 2012

According to lead GKOM sponsor Mike Meyer, the GKOM organization has changed the date for its last Connection Session of this school year from SRT on April 19 to SRT on April 27. The date was changed from what appears in the Pathways due to a performing arts convocation. “Since this is the last Connection Session it will be mainly a party for the stude...

K-8 mentoring class in preparation for end-of-year celebration


April 19, 2012

As the end of the school year approaches, K-8 mentoring class is deciding what to do to commemorate the year. According to Robin Pletcher, instructor of the K-8 mentoring class, "(We are planning on) having some kind of end of the year celebration, just kind of pulling things together and celebrating...

K-8 mentors build stronger relationships with students, plan for end of year


March 28, 2012

K-8 mentoring class is nearly done with a successful school year of helping young students adapt to new environments. “Some of the schools do get all the mentors together at the end of the year,” instructor Robin Pletcher said. She is also preparing to have a culmination for the course in class. “We’ve...

K-8 Mentoring begins interviewing mentors for next year


February 10, 2012

Robin Pletcher, K-8 mentoring class instructor, has been busy interviewing students for slots in next year’s class. According to Pletcher, she has been  interviewing students during SRT, before and after school, during her prep period, during all lunches, and while her current students are mentoring. “When...

K-8 Mentoring students form stronger bonds with kids


January 24, 2012

Since fall break, students in the K-8 Mentoring class have been getting to know their students more and more, according to mentor and senior Maddy Schlichter. Lately, they have been joining each other for outings done outside of school time. “You have to have four outings each nine weeks and...

No GKOM Connection Session Dec. 12, misprint in Pathways

GKOM and senior Joseph “Joe” Jasin discusses how semester grades are calculated with his GKOM SRT during a Connection Session. The next Connection Session is scheduled for Dec. 2. LINDSEY WALKER/ PHOTO


December 2, 2011

According to the Pathways planner, there is a GKOM Connection Session scheduled for Dec. 2 and Dec. 12, however GKOM head sponsor Mike Meyer says that it was a misprint. There is no Connection Session planned for Dec. 12, only Dec. 2. “It was a misprint in the Pathways that has caused some confusion. However there is no Connection Session on the ...

K-8 mentors develop stronger bonds with mentees


November 15, 2011

The K-8 mentoring class is now expanding upon the relationships that they are building with their student mentees, whom they met with for the first time just a couple of weeks ago. “Since the first time I met the kids, my kids at least, they’ve definitely become more comfortable with me, they’ve...

K-8 Mentors meet partners for year


November 5, 2011

The K-8 Mentors met the students whom they will be supporting this year. The mentors will now have weekly sessions with their mentees. “I was a little nervous (to meet my mentees) because I didn’t know if (the kids) would like me or not,” said K-8 mentor Rachel Aker. Aker has been partnered...