Men’s swimming team wins State title on Feb. 26


The men’s swimming team won their second consecutive State title on Feb. 26. Carmel came in first with 227 team points; the second-place team was Bloomington South with 171 team points.

Head Swim Coach Chris Plumb said the team worked hard to prepare for State, but did not believe there is any extra pressure due to last year’s success.

“I do not view it as pressure, just an opportunity to display (the swimmers’) hard work and character,” he said.

Matt Gerth, individual State winner and senior, said the team has much more drive this year in practice. Plumb said he did not change the practice for State, and his only extra preparations were to tell the swimmers to “swim fast.”

Gerth was CHS’ only individual winner, winning the 200  yard freestyle. Gerth, along with senior Kiernan McGeehan, sophomore Jon Astaskinsky and sophomore Max Mckay won the 400 yard relay.

Gerth said the entire team has really stepped up this season.

“A lot of (the swimmers) have done a really great job this year and have stepped up. It’s really going to be interesting to see who comes through in the end. It will be really great to see some of the younger guys step up and take some of the reigns.”

According to, for the second year in a row, Carmel is a USA Swimming Gold club member. To be a Gold club member, you must be one of USA Swimming’s top 16 ranked swim programs. Carmel men’s swimming is currently ranked sixth in the country.

While Gerth said there was not anything particular that they did differently, he said that all the swimmers were focused a little more on preparing for the State meet.

“This year has been a little bit different than other years. Since we won State last year, there is a lot more drive this year. And we’re really training hard this year trying to get a second State title in a row. All I have to say is we’re putting in a lot of work,” Gerth said.

Gerth said with his success he personally prepared differently for the more recent State championship.

“My mental attitude has been a little bit different; it’s been a lot more positive. Both in the pool and out of the pool it has been a lot easier for me to train,” he said. “(Winning State the previous year) has made it a little easier to get to practice.” By James Benedict <[email protected]>