The HiLite staff reviews some of the most significant moments for the Class of 2012



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February 7

While this season’s record prevented the Colts from reaching Super Bowl XLVI, students here certainly didn’t stop paying attention to football. For the first time in history, Indianapolis hosted the event, a face-off between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. Although the Giants ended up victorious, more significant to most students was how the event temporarily transformed the city. Indianapolis was filled with Super Bowl festivities including tours, the Super Bowl Village and the longest temporary zipline in the nation, creating memories for all who visited.

February 5

After learning that Westboro Baptist Church would be protesting the Carmel Lutheran Church for its “lukewarm” stance on homosexuality, senior Anna Sands used Facebook to set up a counter-protest. Armed with picket signs, CHS students and parents were able to significantly outnumber the original protestors, responding to the hate speech with their own words in order to promote tolerance.




December 1

While the show choirs’ annual “Holiday Spectacular” performance traditionally has one intermission between its impressive musical acts, this year there was an unprecedented second “intermission” in the midst of the performance. Right as the Accents finished their rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone,” a fire alarm went off, delaying the end of the show by almost half an hour. Thankfully, the alarm sounded because of not fire, but smoke from the fog machine.



November 26

The CHS football team wins the IHSAA State Championship 54-0.


November 24

The Marching Greyhounds participated in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

November 11

Repeated use of the number 11 has historically been a sign of good luck, with both 11:11 a.m. and p.m. considered a good time for wishing. But on this day, students here were met with the most 11s they will witness in their lifetime. This led to a variety of celebrations for the magical minute, with some students freezing in place in the senior hallway while others simply made a wish for themselves.

September 16

For its first “prank,” Dumbledore’s Army got the senior class to form a massive line for the sole purpose of shaking hands with principal John Williams the morning of Homecoming day. The spectacle spanned from the commons through half of the senior hallway, confusing nearby onlookers. While Williams disbanded the remaining students after the 7:50 bell, no hallsweeps were given, keeping the operation fun and harmless for all parties involved–just like a good prank should be.