UNICEF bake sale postponed to March


The bake sale has been postponed to sometime in March, however the date is undecided. UNICEF still expects to raise over $200. Club members will run the bake sale during lunch hours and sell brownies, cupcakes and cookies.

“Hopefully, we can raise more money than any of the other events this year as to finish the year off well,” Janine Tang said, future Vice President of UNICEF and sophomore.

The long sleeve spirit wear shirts are expected to be handed out at the meeting and club members can pay their $12 to get their shirt.

“Everyone in the club helped pick out the color and design,” Tang said.

UNICEF sponsor, Jill Noel said one of her main goals for next year and the officers are to recruit more members for UNICEF. Tang said, “next year, I am hoping for an expansion of all of our events. Also, I was thinking of getting more involved with the countries and places that our funds go to.”