Transportation department adjusts to extended schedule


The transportation department has adjusted its schedule to accommodate the extended schedule, which began March 6, according to Ron Farrand, director of facilities and transportation.

“We had to adjust our start times to coincide with the school bell schedule. So just as you start early, we do too; and finish later. They will finish 15 minutes later just as the schools do,” Farrand said.

According to Farrand, the bus drivers start their routes five minutes earlier in the morning, and end 15 minutes later in the afternoon.

Alisha Wang, frequent bus rider and freshman, said she thinks the extended schedule negatively affects the bus drivers.

“By pushing the schedule back 15 minutes, it completely changes (the bus drivers’) routine. 15 minutes may not sound like a lot but it really is,” Wang said. “Also, a few of the drivers may have other jobs after driving the kids back. These 15 minutes could potentially make all of them late, which isn’t good.