CHS Admin review safety procedures


Principal John Williams works at his desk in the main office. According to Williams, students should think before they act over spring break because they do not have control over the outcomes.


Last Friday, CHS seniors attended a spring break safety awareness convocation to review the implications of making decisions during spring break. Principal John Williams  said spring break safety is especially important when considering long-term consequences.

“Know that you can have fun and still do the right thing. If you have any kind of red flag about what you’re doing, just stop and think about what might happen,” Williams said. “Then, you can decide if it’s worth it.”

Junior Vivian Guo said it’s important to be safe over spring break because poor decisions  could have damaging consequences.

Guo said, “You could jeopardize your chances of getting into your college along with future career opportunities. Doing bad things could look bad for your permanent record.”

According to Williams, students should make sure to think before they act not only because there are consequences but also because they do not have control over the outcome.

“I hope students think, ‘Are the consequences of this something I’m going to accept?’ You get to pick how something starts, but you don’t get to pick how it ends,” Williams said. “You get to decide to drink, but you don’t get to decide how it ends. It might end up with just you feeling bad the next morning. It might end up with you being in jail. It might end up with a friend of yours ending up in the hospital or dead. You don’t get to decide those things.”