Top five tips for college applications

Mrs. Stephans, CHS college and career counselor, gives tips for applying for college this fall


1.)   Get Organized- “Be aware of deadlines and requirements in terms of what you need for your applications. Create some sort of organizational system so you have in front of you what you need to get done and when you need to get it done by. It might be using your phone, paper calendar, physical paper files, or electronic files.”


2.)   Follow your own path- “In other words, try to avoid applying places just because other people are applying there. Make sure that you are doing your research and finding colleges that are a good fit for you and apply to colleges that you truly want to attend.”


3.)   Be independent in this process- “Don’t ask your parents or expects your parents to do it for you. Parents can be a huge source of support. They can help keep you motivated and on track, but you should be the one filling out the application.”


4.)   Use all of the resources available- “There are lots of resources to help navigate this process including counselors, the college and career resource center, resources online, and admissions offices. A lot of parents and students are hesitant to call in, but shouldn’t be.”


5.)   Use your family connection account- “The family connection account will be important and key to being familiar with it. Seniors can use this to explore and search for colleges they want to apply to.”