The Fear Farm holds openings for individuals to volunteer as haunters


Sophomore Caroline Frawley wears her haunter makeup. She said this opportunity is a way to showcase her acting. Although the Rising Stars will not volunteer as a group, she plans to volunteer individually.

This October, Rising Stars and the theater and film department had planned to team up with Indiana Fear Farm for a unique fundraiser where student actors volunteer as “scarers” for the Fear Farm to earn money for their department. Sabrina Kent-Doolan, Indiana Fear Farm employee, said this is something the Farm does almost every year for various groups.

“We mostly (offer fundraising opportunities to) high school groups that need to raise funds, especially the groups that are not heavily funded by the school, like theater, choir, band, key clubs, post proms and other groups that are involved in giving back to others. We do occasionally have other non-for-profits ask to raise money with us,” Kent-Doolan said via email.

However, according to Sarah Biette, Rising Stars president and senior, due to scheduling issues and lack of volunteers, the fundraiser was cancelled. Biette said many students could not participate due to the distance between CHS and the Indiana Fear Farm. According to Google Maps, the Farm is approximately 40 minutes away from CHS. Since the school was not planning to offer transportation to or from the farm, some Rising Stars members were unable to volunteer in the first place, like Mackenzie Gonzalez, club member and junior.

“I wasn’t planning on (volunteering) because it’s just so far away,” Gonzalez said. “It sounded like a lot of fun, but the distance makes it an even bigger time commitment.”

However, Indiana Fear Farm will still hold individual auditions and, according to Kent-Doolan, whether students are affiliated with Rising Stars or not, they are still welcome to volunteer on their own, although they will not be able to earn money for any club. Among those who plan to volunteer individually is Caroline Frawley, Rising Stars member and sophomore. She said she is interested in volunteering at the farm because of the opportunity to act.

“I want to volunteer because it sounds like a fun, new experience to try,” she said. “I love to act and I feel like this is a new way to show it.”

Additionally,  Frawley said, the long distance to the farm would not inhibit her from participating .

“I actually had no problems with transportation,” she said. “My parents are happy to drive me. Overall, I just think it’ll be a good time.”screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-10-13-53-am