Senate continues organizing Care to Share, begins contacting United Way

Asim Dhungana

According to Senate sponsor Michelle Foutz, Nov. 3 was the deadline for each SRT to submit its online survey about its commitment for Care to Share, and senators will now begin contacting United Way.

Foutz said, “We’ve got to contact United Christmas Service and let them know how many individuals we would like to support, and then it takes them a little bit of time to match families with us.”

According to senator and senior Darren Chang, gift collection dates are Nov. 28, Nov. 30 and Dec. 2 during SRT.

“We ask that SRTs have gifts bought and packaged at that time and delivered to the Senate SRT so that we can deliver them towards the beginning of December,” Chang said. “Each SRT does not necessarily have a deadline for the contributions, specifically. They have a deadline for the presents to be bought and packaged.”

The different levels of commitment include $75 for a quarter person, $150 for a half person and about $300 for a full person.

Chang said, “Each of these commitments are approximate amounts. Really, they are based on what gifts the families ask for. In addition, even though they are labeled a quarter of a person, a half person, they are not literally a quarter of a person or a half person. It’s just the designation for the amount of gifts they would be asked to buy.”

According to Chang and Foutz, Care to Share is currently the main priority for Senate.

“I think it’s one of the most important things that we do,” Foutz said. “There are a lot of families that don’t have enough resources, and it’s nice to give them things during the holidays. But, a lot of the things we’re giving them, too, are just basic necessities, so that they have a coat, so that they have a hat, so that they have gloves, so that they have shoes. That’s what we’re trying to provide for these people we’re supporting, all the basic necessities and things that they may not have.

“It’s been a tradition at Carmel High School for over 30 years. We’ve been doing it for a long time, and it’s one of the things that at least our student government kids look most forward to.”