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Senior Superlatives

Gabby Perulmuter, Angela Sun, Social Media editors

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These are nominated and elected senior students by the senior class of 2017.

Most School spirit: Mike Pitz

Smartest Girl: Kathy Huang

Smartest Boy: Michael Wang

Nicest: Mike Pitz

Worst Case of Senioritis: Ethan Hartman

Most involved: Mike Pitz

Best Laugh: Odelia Satchivi

Best Dressed girl: Hadley Tutton

Class Clown: Ethan Hartman

Best “Bro-mance”: Chuck Burton and Jake Greene

Best Glow-up Since 9th Grade: Tanner Bender

Most likely to make it on Broadway: Georgia Simmons

Best Male Athlete: Jalen Walker

Best Female Athlete: Jessi Cowen

Best Eyes: JJ Bogner

Best Dressed Boy: Ethan McAndrews

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Bates

Most Likely to become President: Mike Pitz

Best couple that never dated: Tanner Chaille and Emily Pattyn

Most likely to be found at the gym: Cade Koenig



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