Model U.N. members attends conference at Zionsville High School

Richa Louis, Reporter

On Nov. 4, Model U.N. attended a mock conference at Zionsville High School (ZHS). Model U.N. sponsor Sandy Gardner said, “They[ZHS] did give us awards. We had probably six students, and they gave them little gavels. It was a good teaching experience, and they were very professional.”

Unlike the bigger conferences, many underclassman members attended this conference. According to co-president and junior Danial Tajwer, “We had a lot of beginners, we kind of just flooded the entire thing with beginners. It was a good way for people to wet their feet with Model U.N. and get some experience with the whole thing.”

Model U.N. prepares for their bigger conferences by attending conferences similar to the one at ZHS. Gardner said, “It’s really about teaching, not only do we do our simulations after school with our students, but when you have to engage with other students from two other schools, you get to know other kids and get to experience what other kids are doing as well.”