The math department administers ISTEP exams, trains teachers in the “workshop model” for the classroom


Math department chair Jacinda Sohalski quietly works at her desk. In the next week, she will be working to administer the ISTEP exams.

Brian Zhang

The math department is currently administering ISTEP this week, according to math department chairperson Jacinda Sohalski. Sohalski said the department is working to make sure the process runs smoothly.

“Right now, it’s all ISTEP,” Sohalski said. “We have to adjust the schedules, and make sure the kids are where they need to be.”

Sohalski also said several teachers have participated in training in the “workshop model,” a way of organizing a class.

“(The workshop model) progresses to try to build some student work time and discussion into it,” Sohalski said. “We’ve been having discussions in our department meetings to try to bring some of that into the classroom.”

Joey Heerens, Math Club president and junior, said he is optimistic for the rest of this semester.

Heerens said, “I think the math department was very good last year, and I believe they will be better in the upcoming school year.”