CHTV to preview and cover spring sports


Anna Kaiser works on the next broadcast in the CHTV editing lab on Feb. 23. Kaiser worked with Stephen Abshire, CHTV staff member and senior, in the lab for the whole period that day.

Livvie Hurley

As try-outs for spring sports like baseball, softball and golf approach, CHTV prepares to preview and cover the seasons and different aspects of the sports. According to sponsor Anna Kaiser, CHTV previewed lacrosse, softball and baseball. CHTV has yet to cover men’s golf, but Kaiser said it is up to her sports department as to what sports CHTV covers.

“I don’t really dictate the stories that they cover. Obviously, that’s a spring sport, and I hope it gets coverage, but we’re already in a production cycle right now, so I wouldn’t know for another few weeks,” Kaiser said.

The CHTV staff turned in and broadcasted the lacrosse preview, and the softball preview will be on air sometime soon, according to Kaiser.

“The softball one was just turned in. We don’t plan our scripts out too far in advance just because things change, so whenever they see fit to introduce the softball season, they will. We really focus on the new coach that has started this year,” Kaiser said.

Chase Southard, CHTV staff member and junior, covers spring sports for CHTV. According to Southard, he did the lacrosse preview and will continue to cover lacrosse while also covering track and field and men’s soccer by going to the games and interviewing players.

Southard said, “What I usually do is I go to each game, and I try to either interview the players before the games or after, to get a preview of what the game’s going to be like, and how each player did after.”