District looking to extend elementary school day, start secondary day later

Nyssa Qiao

Assistant Superintendent Amy Dudley said the district is looking to possibly extend the elementary school day from a six and a half hour day to a seven hour day, as well as having the secondary school day start at a later time.

Dudley said, “There is a lot of research out there that really does support (that) teenagers’ natural clock works better when they’re up later and then start their day later. It works better because that is more in tune with their natural rhythms.”

Dudley said there was a lot of interest in having later start times, but senior Richie Mustaklem said he felt this would not make a big difference for students.

“Personally, I don’t like (the possibility of starting later) because I’m so used to waking up at the exact same time, so is my brother and so are my parents, so I think that would really disrupt how I would function in the morning,” Mustaklem said. “I don’t think it would benefit (students) because if you are waking up later, that would give them incentive to sleep at a later time and maybe it wouldn’t affect them at all, in my opinion, because kids would still be irresponsible and procrastinate.”