TechHOUNDS continues competition season


Megan Singer, Sam Bruns and Laura Dobie, TechHOUNDS members and seniors, set up for a meeting. TechHOUNDS is currently in the middle of its competition season and competed at Purdue University on Saturday, March 31.​

Emily Worrell

TechHOUNDS continued their competition season on Saturday, March 31 with a competition at Purdue University. After winning their last competition, TechHOUNDS members are hoping their streak continues, according to Laura Dobie, student lead and senior.

“If we win at these competitions, we move on to the District Championship, and if we win at the District Championship, we move on to the World Championship, so these are just the starting points of where our competitions are going to be coming from,” Dobie said.

Teacher mentor Zachary Bonewit said the TechHOUNDS competition season will continue until the end of April if the team makes it to the World Championship.

“Hopefully, we can qualify to go to Detroit for the World Championship,” Bonewit said. “There will be teams from around the world there.”