Media Mindfulness: As September is National Literacy Month, students should appreciate CHS media center more

Carson TerBush

As a self-proclaimed literary connoisseur, I would rank the CHS media center high on my list of places to get books. Complete with a wide, ever-increasing selection of fictional novels, a plethora of informational textbooks and an extremely convenient location, the media center is ideal for any student looking for literary stimulation. However, according to a recently conducted HiLite poll, only 27.6 percent of respondents checked out a book from the media center at any time during the last school year. Hence, the media center is clearly underutilized by the student body.

On any given school day, the media center seems to be constantly full of people. Walking by before school  or during a passing period, it seems that every table and chair available is full.

However, very few of the students that spend time in the media center actually utilize its many resources. While the media center is popular as a place to hang out with friends or study, it is basically used as a glorified hallway.

According to the same poll mentioned earlier, only 13.8 percent of respondents said they preferred using the CHS media center when compared to the Carmel Clay Public Library (CCPL). Given the media center’s central location in the building all students go to every day, it should be more highly valued. Though the CCPL has a larger amount of content, the media center provides plenty of books itself and sometimes brings attention to books I would most likely not notice in the larger CCPL setting. Often when I walk through the freshman wing of the media center, several fictional novels the librarians have selected to display on top of the shelves will catch my eye and inspire me to read them, an experience I don’t have at CCPL.

The media center is not just a place to print your essay when your printer runs out of ink or to take a nap during your release period. It is a library full of undiscovered fictional adventures and scientific knowledge the staff works tirelessly to provide for us. Next time you find yourself in the media center, don’t just treat it as a sitting room. Pick up a book.