CHTV work on web series

Christian Ledbetter

The web series created by CHTV is making progress, as students finish their second episodes. On the topic of where to present them, CHTV teacher Eric Marty said, “We haven’t necessarily decided on anything definitive yet.” The projects will continue to be worked on during the second semester of the ‘18-’19 school year.  The web series is a project created by the CHTV team and will showcase different genres.

CHTV requires many students, like Audio Board Maxwell McTigue, for its live announcements. McTigue’s job on CHTV is to make sure everyone has a functioning mic. He works to ensure that everything audio wise is working as it should be.

“Sometimes the audio board doesn’t work. The other day we had to bring in a audio technician to come fix it.” Mctigue said.

The Nexus, a system that allows students to watch CHTV at home through cable and run smoothly at the high school will not be replaced until second semester.

“We still don’t have a definitive timeline on when it will be ready to be installed. Installation itself could take up to a week or so,” said Marty.

The announcements have been running without the Nexus however, as the team gets more used to the schedule. “Technology not failing on us is always helpful too.” Marty said. By Christian Ledbetter