Teens with a Choice continues development of reproductive health fair


Chad Andrews, Teens with a Choice sponsor, works in his classroom during his prep period. Andrews said Teens with a Choice members are currently selling chocolate bars to raise money for Prevail.

Anushka Dasgupta

According to Sasha Matsuki, Teens with a Choice president and senior, Teens with a Choice will have a meeting on Dec. 12. At the meeting, the club will further plans discussed earlier this year. Specifically, the members will work on developing a sex education talk or reproductive health fair for prom-time, make t-shirt designs, plan a discussion with anti-abortion activists and continue their fundraiser.

Sponsor Chad Andrews said, “(The members are) still working on planning the reproductive health fair and continuing to work on developing new leadership and that’s really it. It seems like the only other thing that’s emerging is that we’re currently fundraising as well.”

Matsuki said the club has continued its fundraising efforts from years past. The members are currently raising money for Prevail by selling chocolate bars.

She said, “This year, hopefully we have more funds to put towards the fundraiser so therefore we can find more supplies to sell for the fundraiser. In terms of that and just having more steady, dedicated members, we’ll be able to have more people that will sell things for the fundraiser.”

In terms of the fair, Matsuki said the work has been challenging but the members are making progress.

Andrews said, “(The members) have come to a point where they’ve divided out who’s going to be in charge of what portions of (the fair). It’s still progressing, and the plan is to do it in the spring semester.”

On the other hand, Matsuki said the club has made significant progress in passing down leadership to underclassmen that can take over after Matsuki and the other officers graduate.

She said, “Right now, I have Chloe Carnes in mind. She’s a sophomore and she’s pretty much the one that I’m passing down the leadership to. I’m really excited for that because I know it’s something she cares about and I want to see what she can do.”