PowerSchool app to replace myCCS over winter break


Sophomore John “Evan” Mickel works on his English paper. Mickel said he preferred using the PowerSchool app over myCCS since his freshman year.

Sam Shi

School board president Layla Spanenberg said the PowerSchool app will replace myCCS over winter break, and people will be able to test the app before school begins. A tutorial for how to use PowerSchool was released for users on the Carmel Clay Schools website. Spanenberg said the PowerSchool app is more accessible and easier to use than myCCS.

Sophomore John “Evan” Mickel said he thinks PowerSchool is a better platform than myCCS.

“I just think (PowerSchool) is a lot easier to access,” Mickel said. “It is directly where teachers put in grades, so you’re a little bit more current on what you got on assignments and what you got on homework. It’s easier to use, it’s more accessible, and it has more information on it.”