Club Med to Prepare for Jan. 22 Meeting


Dr Munshi, an OR Nurse, talks with club members and leaders after school. Sponsor Alyssa Mastin said this is the first nurse that the club has hosted since she has been the sponsor.

Tara Kandallu

Club Med leaders plan to have their next meeting on Jan. 22 after hosting Dr. Munshi, an operating room (OR) nurse, on Jan. 13. Sponsor Alyssa Mastin and co-president and senior Shubhi Sinha said the next meeting will involve students learning some of the main skills used in a general medical check-up. This meeting is different from some of the other hands-on meetings that the club has hosted because it will feature a few medical professionals, all of whom will be able to answer questions and help with the actual meeting activities.

Mastin said, “I think that (these other adults) will help because we are exposing the kids to real-world connections. These are people who are actually doing it. It gives (the club members) a chance to ask questions, not just of me because they see me everyday, but somebody new and different. ”

Along with their next meeting the club is also planning for the next year by accepting leadership applications. The current leaders will be having interviews next week at the Carmel Clay Public Library to talk with the potential candidates that have applied.

Sinha said, “We have around 15 students that have applied, so we are going to have interviews. Through those interviews, we will pick three new leadership positions for next year. We will be finalizing that probably at the beginning of February, so the new leaders have a chance to get hands-on with the club and start planning new meetings.” By Tara Kandallu