Cafeteria managers try out new menu items in the coming weeks

Andrew Caito

Two weeks into the school year, the cafeteria staff are trying to switch up the menu by incorporating multiple days of French toast, a Cuban sandwich option, a new alternative to the caramel coffee cooler- the white chocolate coffee cooler, and a new shredded buffalo chicken with mac and cheese. Main cafeteria manager Holly Huepenbecker-Hull said via email, “I’m excited for the new things to come this year. I think they hold good qualities for the students to get away from what they’re used to.”

“One of my favorite foods is Buffalo chicken; I’m interested to see what it will come out to be,” freshman Daniel Chambers said.

“The caramel coffee was really good, I would like to try the white chocolate coffee cooler. It seems like an “out there” concept that you don’t see every day,” freshman Selene Cabrera said.

Additionally, the 2019 Winter Seminar is coming up on Feb. 1. According to Huepenbecker-Hull, this conference is where the school can get and use multiple ideas from different companies and schools and to compare and  make the best menu possible from all high schools around Indiana. Huepenbecker said, “We have found (everything from) entrees to snacks at these conferences. Most notably, our popular Smash Mouth pizza was found there.” By Andrew Caito