CHTV finished contest submissions

Christian Ledbetter

CHTV has finished its submissions to the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters (IASB). Judging begun on Feb. 22, and the organization will announce winners at a conference taking place March 11. This is CHTV teacher Eric Marty’s first experience with the IASB.

“The kids are very excited for that,” he said. The IASB contest is an annual contest, in which schools submit videos to for judging of their quality. CHTV has been with the contest since 1998.

Staff has completed filming for the video magazine. CHTV has begun the editing stage for their video project, and is now editing the videos together. “Hopefully that will be done within the next week and a half.” Said Marty. The video magazine is a project created by CHTV, where students shot a variety of videos capturing different genres and forms of videos. staff will combine all separate projects into one video. Staff will upload the project to the CHTV YouTube channel upon completion.

CHTV is also preparing for its SRT show this year. Griffin Hadley, staff member and sophomore, is one of the students creating content for the show. His contribution will be a video on the women’s swimming and diving team, looking at its successes and problems that arose during the season.

“It’s cool to go out and see that team’s process and how they’re successful.” said Hadley.  By Christian Ledbetter