Teens with a Choice will not meet today


Sasha Matsuki, Teens with a Choice president and senior, works on her phone during class. Matsuki said club plans haven’t changed in the past few weeks due to the business of members.

Anushka Dasgupta

Teens with a Choice has not yet finalized a date for its next meeting, however the club will not meet today, according to president and senior Sasha Matsuki. Matsuki said via email that the club’s plans have not developed in the past few weeks, as most members have been busy with other commitments.

Sponsor Chad Andrews said, “Second semester has really slowed down so I haven’t heard from leadership when the next meeting will be. It’s all student influence and all student-led so in terms of what’s next, it’s going to be a first move on them to determine that. At this point, I don’t know of any specific plans, meetings or dates set.”

Matsuki said “Second semester has been busier than expected so we really haven’t been able to create plans. We just want to continue the discussion we started last semester.”