Charisma hopefuls prepare for 2019 season

Hannah Gretz

With 17 school days left, charisma dancers and students are looking ahead to next school year and the return of the charisma dance season.  Team members have been individually and personally preparing in hopes of becoming a dance team member.
“It’s so fun dancing,” dancer and junior Maddy Massa said. “We have been teaching the incoming freshman sections that we did last year in charisma and coquettes to help them get ready for tryouts.”
Massa will be a third-year member come next school year.
Avery Iverson, a hopeful dancer and junior, will be a second-year dancer her senior year. Iverson dances outside of this school, but has only danced for the high school for one year.
“I have been preparing for next season,” Iverson said. “I took the clinics that were offered for the past few weeks.”
Head coach, Sarah Wolff, has coached the CHS charisma team for over a decade.
“My favorite part was the relationship I had with each one of the girls,” Wolff said.
Wolff also coaches coquettes during the winter sports season.
Tryouts for the 2019-202 fall charisma season will take place in May and are open to grades 9-12. By Hannah Gretz