Club Med to Plan Next Year’s Schedule


Vice President Layla Qureshi and Sponsor Alyssa Mastin talk during a Club Med meeting. Mastin said she is looking forward to what next year will bring.

Tara Kandallu

Club Med leaders continue to plan for next year after hosting their last meeting of the year on April 15. During that meeting, members did a hands-on activity that involved pairing up with others and dissecting cow eyes. The leaders continue to plan their for their leaders-only meeting that will occur sometime in May. At this meeting, the leaders plan on fleshing out what dates the meetings for next year could be.

Sponsor Alyssa Mastin said “I really enjoyed our last meeting. It was kind of nice to end the year on something that was hands-on. It’s just a nice way to end the year on a high note.”

Layla Qureshi, future vice president and junior, similarly said “This last meeting was pretty fun and we did get a pretty good turnout based on how close to the end of the year we are. As leaders, next year we are also trying to increase that attendance so we definitely want to have a meeting in the last week of August.” By Tara Kandallu