No More Carts

Lillian He

Rhea Acharya

Starting this fall, CHS will be getting a multitude of new laptops. According to Lisa Carroll, technology coordinator for CHS, each classroom will be getting their own set of laptops; however, they will not be in a 1:1 ratio. Instead, there will only be 17 laptops in each cart, even though most classes here have between 20 to 30 students.

Regarding this disparity, David Helder, the second technology  coordinator for the school, said via email, “First, teachers can team up with others that teach different classes so that they can borrow another cart and have enough devices for each student. Second, students will be allowed and encouraged to bring their own devices, if available, on a consistent basis to school.”

Erin Osborne, IB English student and junior, said although she has her own device, she prefers the school ones.

“I have found the laptops and computers to be highly beneficial at school since it does not require the time-consuming process of typing from a phone or connecting the device to WiFi for the login process,” Osborne said.

Osborne also said she believes the computer carts are more convenient for students and staff, which would make the new laptops even more beneficial in other ways.

“As opposed to transitioning an entire class to a computer lab, the carts simply require students to log into a computer and set it at their desks…it becomes easier for teachers to integrate technology into their lesson plans as they can still actively teach while the laptops are out,” Osborne said.

According to Carroll, the primary motivation for the change was to improve technological skills.

She said, “As educators, we know that developing 21st century skills and becoming good digital citizens will help our students with both their current and future education and career goals. By providing more access to technology in every classroom as well as professional development for teachers, students will have even more opportunities to hone these important skills.”

Jamie Beckman, the young adult department manager at the Carmel Clay Public Library, said via email, ‘I think must subjects that are being taught at CHS can benefit by using technology to help demonstrate concepts and ideas.”

According to Carroll, the change also has the unexpected benefit of not costing the school anything,because the additional devices the school will be getting are coming from within the district and will be added to the 4,030 devices that Carmel currently has.