Q&A with CHS’ New Choir Director Anna Debard

What roles do you have?

I’m the lead director of New Edition and Rhapsody, I am one of the directors for Expressions, I am the lead teacher for applied music classes and I will direct the musical.

What excites you about working at a school like CHS?

All of the students and all of the different opportunities that I get to give those students in a program like this is really incredible. In Applied Music, (I am) getting to work with individual students on solo pieces, but at the same time (I am) getting to work with big groups like Expressions.

What were your reasons for deciding to teach music?

I grew up with a band director mom… so I went all through high school in choir and band… Even in high school, I was starting to help my peers with their vocal parts… and just found that I really, really loved it.

Do you have any fun stories or facts about yourself?

I broke my foot in high school doing a swing dancing flip and hadn’t flipped since, (but) then I did this past summer at the (show choir) retreat.