Carmel Electric Ensemble to meet second quarter


While she plays the electric violin, Jiwon Yu, the club’s president and senior, debates if this is one of the possible new choices of music for the concert for the week of Dec. 12. Yu said, “We will be focusing on sightreading and getting to know the rhythm of the music at our first meeting.”

Kiersten Riedford

The Carmel Electric Ensemble members plan to meet second quarter due to the members’ need to focus on academics first quarter.

Club sponsor Elisabeth Ohly-Davis said when talking about the members planning to meet, “They are going to get motivated as we come closer to the concert.”

Jiwon Yu, the club’s president and senior, said that as of now the members will focus on college applications and essays, as well as their other academics, but are planning to meet during second quarter before their concert that the club rescheduled for the week of Dec. 12.

Until the date of the concert, according to Yu, the new members that are seniors along with the other members from last year will focus on sightreading and rhythm.

Yu said, “(The new members) are very eager, they have been wanting to join the club for all 4 years, but it was more of a seniority, but all the seniors graduated so now they get to take their place.” By Kiersten Riedford